The Story

Four work colleagues compete for a promotion with different philosophies on how to succeed. Tyrell and Cynthia are mentored in their quest to win the promotion battle by Tyrell's uncle, a promiscuous male ghost and a fairy godmother with an attitude.  Written by Jill Thrussell.

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Genre: Comedy

Ambitions:: Movie written by Jill Thrussell

Meet the Main Characters

Tyrell: Womanizing salesman Tyrell uses charm to get what he wants but is his charm running dry and will he have a turn of conscience?  He is in it to win it.

Uncle Casper: Tyrell's crazy Uncle turns up to mentor him in his battle for the promotion, but only one snag he is dead is haunting Tyrell and kicking his butt in his bid to help him secure the promotion.

Cynthia: Feisty, fierce, bootyful Cynthia is Tyrell's main competition.   She is on fire with her sales targets and does whatever it takes to 'seal the deal' she is determined to whip Tyrell's butt.

Fairy Godmother:  Cynthia has a fairy Godmother who is determined to help her outsmart Tyrell and his deceased woman chasing Uncle but she is a designer label wearing fairy godmother filled with attitude, pranks and devious plots.

Mr Snacks: is the patient, but wise boss of the office who decides to offer the promotion as his wife is expecting another child and he wants to spend more time with his family.