Robot: Colony 25

The Story

In the near future, humans, hybrids and robots live side by side and all criminals, regardless of their genetic makeup, that are deemed extremely dangerous are contained on an island prison run by a psychologist called Dillon Springs.  His experimental work utilizes them to promote advancement to society but Raoul, a robot guard, suddenly starts to develop a very human conscience when he discovers that five of the human, hybrid and robot prisoners are actually innocent.  Raoul's discovery leads him to the underground City of Exiles and the Slave Trading Market, where humans, robots and hybrids are usually, illegally traded, he then has to track down a human/robot hybrid hacker called Brainiac to help him hack into the system and Dillon Springs mind, in order to help the five innocent prisoners escape before they are due to be slaughtered and terminated.

It's 2025 a leading psychologist, Dillon Springs has transformed the penal system and created his first penal colony that is manned by robot guards.  Prisoners are kept on an island where conflict and death is instigated to facilitate advancement to society through a programme called (IMP), the Instigated Manipulation Project.  Each prisoner is pitted against each other and at times even against themselves in order to add value to society. 

The length of time Dillon Springs keeps prisoners alive depends on how useful they are to him in his experiments and the less useful they are, the quicker they die as his experiments are rigged to usher in their death more rapidly.

Some fates are worse than death.  ~ Jill Thrussell


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Genre: Sci-fi

 Robot: Colony 25!:: Written by Jill Thrussell  

  Robot: Colony 25!:: Written by Jill Thrussell



“The truth is a very subjective thing, it depends on your awareness, your access to information, how you measure facts. Truth is defined by how you interpret it.“ ~ Jill Thrussell

“There are five assessment simulations; fear, frustration, anger, confusion and humiliation. The outcomes of which will determine the usefulness of each prisoner and how long they will be allowed to live.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Everyone is involved in experiments of one kind of another. Everything we do in life is the result of our own or someone else's experimentation. My experiment simulations are just conducted in a more honest format.” Dillon explained.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“He'd be ripping them apart mentally and emotionally, pitting them against each other in extreme conflict situations. Emotional and romantic attachments would obstruct the purity of their actions and reactions; contaminating the results and outcomes was a risk he was not willing to take.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“You will be responsible for chaperoning prisoners to and from the Instigated Manipulation Project (IMP) warehouse spaces situated at the bottom of each of the wings. Some IMP simulations will also take place in prisoners cells.” Dillon explained.” ~ Jill Thrussell

"My cognitive processes have not concluded yet. Human beings are unpredictable, their motives, actions, reactions and loyalties are obscure.” Raoul explained.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Dillon now had the freedom to fulfill the yearnings of his intellectual desires and pleasures. Now he'd show the world the magnitude of human capabilites when morality did not stand in the way.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Now he'd no longer reside on the verge and brink of scorn being perceived as an eccentric nutcase. His transcendence into immortality was just about to begin. His legacy on the brink of realization. His work would live forever unlike his mortal flesh and decaying human body.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Do you ever ever feel?” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Perception is an illusion, a recreational venture determined and guided by emotional leanings and inherent values. Fluctuations occur due to human rationalizations as they are exposed to an influx of information. The processing of which can lead to a spectrum of possible conclusions. Our minds are not clouded by this varied deliberation process, we do not perceive multiple possibilities, we process only the logical facts and conclude.” ~ Jill Thrussell

The water rose higher and higher in the small tank as she gasped for breath. The chains weighed her down and she panicked, overwhelmed with trauma, defeat and despair, there was simply no way to escape. ~ Jill Thrussell

Raoul knew his and Zalilik's future was infinite and the possibilities were an endless ascension into perpetuity. Perhaps here in this safe haven they'd build other robots and he'd could even design and create robots that could organically reproduce themselves somehow. The future lay waiting, spiralling and sprawling into eternity not yet written and now he was indeed the author of his own programs, life, future and destiny. Now he understood what it truly meant to be human. ~ Jill Thrussell

Dillon was grading everyone dependent on how useful they were to his objectives and how useful they were determined how long exactly they would stay alive. Jill Thrussell written two yrs ago.

Dante scoring a ten meant he'd escape death for a year, whereas Nigel who'd only scored a five would be lucky if he was kept alive for five months, it really depended on how they useful their participation was in Dillon's experiments.  ~ Jill Thrussell

In the final book, Dillon Springs doesn't actually grade the prisoners, he just let's them die in the experiments if they're less useful to him and the experiment is then rigged to result in their death more quickly.

Game Development

Meet the Main Characters

Dillon Springs:

Leading psychologist who's masterminded the changes to the penal system and introduced colonies for prisoners manned by robots.


Robot guard who looks after the inmates who starts to develop a human conscience and desires to help five innocent prisoners escape.


One of the prisoners who is innocently stuck on the island and due to be slaughtered.  Tough but with a soft centre when it comes to the ladies and children.


A child who accidentally gets caught on the island whilst on a trip around the surrounding islands with her family!  She loses her family in some of the chaos, but manages to find Raoul and is extremely curious.

Female robot guard Raoul's love interest. Raoul has the top specification of emotional , intellectual and cognitive abilities and Zaliki doesn't so she finds it extremely difficult to be receptive and reciprocate Raoul's advances. He reprograms her towards the end of the film and she joins him and helps him battle in his mission, assisting the five innocent prisoners and helping them to escape.


Female prisoner who is also innocent.


Jealous associate of Dillon Springs professional psychiatrist


Dillon Springs Love Interest.