The Story

Raphael and Michael hold a performance review of the current status of angelic performance and decide that there needs to be a more collaborative approach to solving human problems. So they assign some underperforming angels to a team known as S.A.V.E. and insist that they must work together in a collaborative team angelic task force. Each year they must file their angelic company annual report and prove they have a right to retain the title of angelic beings.

Four guardian angels are assigned to this group and descend on earth to save humanity from a lack of faith and to rescue those facing a crisis but some of them are far from perfect themselves. Can they save humanity and can they save themselves? Can they file their company annual report with God before the deadline and save their bad track record with heaven?

Sacrifice: Assists human beings to make sacrifices for others.
Annabelle: Child Giver
Virgil: Peacemaker
Ezekiel: Decider of Fate

Hope: Provides hope to those in need.

As a saving grace Raphael and Michael provide the team with another angel called Hope, who is one of the top angelic achievers to assist them in their quest and to manage the team of misfits.

Written by Jill Thrussell based on an original script called Cyberhunter.

Will run as a mini-series in six episodes in a season.

Teaser Trailer

Genre: Supernatural/Drama

 Cherished!:: Written by Jill Thrussell  

Meet the Main Characters

Virgil: Peacemaker

Cherry: Counselor/Healer

Harry: Discerner

Annabelle: Child Giver

Ezekiel: Decider of Fate

Hope:  Provides hope to those in need.

Sacrifice:  Assists human beings to make sacrifices for others.

Short film Hope & Sacrifice.