Turkey Gone Wrong

The Story

Three guys working in fertility clinic are responsible for fertilizing eggs. They accidentally mix up the batches and then decide to put things right by kidnapping the babies and trying to put them back into homes with the right fathers.  Written by Jill Thrussell.

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Genre: Comedy

 Turkey Gone Wrong!:: Written by Jill Thrussell  

Meet the Main Characters

Darnell: Goofy guy that is the main one to blame for mixing up the batches. Totally irresponsible and nuts but hey he's kind of charming in a childish way. Black male 30's- 40's.

Kent: White male in his mid 40's very laidback but extremely stressed by his overbearing wife and demanding family that will kill him if he loses his paycheck that maintains their standard of living.

Simon: Gay male extremely camp, highly sensitive, enthusiastic and very emotional especially when he finds out one of the couples is a gay couple. Fights with his inner conflict and his other two buddies in his desire to divulge the truth to the unsuspecting parents 25-35yrs.

Kent's Wife : Materialistic mother of two very comfortable in her standard of living and will kill Kent if he jeopardizes that.

Susan Darnell's Girlfriend : Attractive, charming and kind, but fierce when challenged. 

Alex: is the boss of the fertilizing clinic he hires Darnell, he is a very serious, down to earth guy who is haphazardly drawn into to Darnell's chaotic life.

Receptionist Vivien has a bubbly personality but is totally oblivious to the realities of the real world and is a bit of a airhead. Slim with glasses and a higher pitched voice.