St Hannah's : The House That Love Built

The Story

Revolves around a pentecostal church and its shenanigans based on an original pilot script written in 2011. St Hannah's has a charming choirmaster with very strange methods of stimulation for the choir practices, a nerdy philosophy student who is studying theology who is highly eccentric, a singles ministry whose members are mainly not really single, a sweet deaconess called Mrs. Lucille, a married temptress called Marina and a erratic money grabbing pastor called Pastor Rich. There is also a nutty shirker that features in one episode who raids woman's underwear drawers and wears their panties who shall remain nameless for now and another young man who mimics everyone else in the congregation and is obsessed with being the best and first at everything he sometimes pretends to be women & cross dressing secretly. Also we have Lotus who is secretly a pimp who tries to trick & lure the single females who are desperate for husbands with false promises.

Mini-Series that will run in six episode blocks.

Teaser Trailer

Genre: Comedy/Drama

 The House That Love Built!:: Written by Jill Thrussell