Slaves of Hope

The Story

A handsome FBI agent gets reassigned to a international investigation unit, as his career is falling to pieces he uncovers an international money laundering circuit which he must ultimately stop. His wife meantime a materialistic, spoiled female called Celeste is having an affair. They have two children and are on the brink of divorce. He travels to Africa for an international investigation and uncovers a human trafficking ring in the guise of an NGO called Camp Hope where he meets Mimi who is being held captive there. He tries to rescue her and manages to secure asylum for her in America. 

The human traffickers however follow them to America and track them down. They then hold his family and children hostage in a bid to stop him uncovering their scam.  Project written originally in 2013. Written by Jill Thrussell


Teaser Trailer

Genre: Action/Drama/Crime

 Slaves of Hope!:: Movie written by Jill Thrussell Teaser Trailer Coming Soon   


Meet the Main Characters

Johnson: The main protagonist of the story he gets reassigned to an international crime unit as his career is falling to bits.

Celest: Wife of Johnson, bored with the marriage, tired of the long hours of the work and facing a mid-life crisis.

Garrity:  Johnson's partner who makes the trip to Africa with him.

Tulu:  local African police officer high up in the ranks serves Johnson and Garrity as a guide.

Themba: Beautiful African prostitute who is stuck in the Camp Hope the prostitution racket set up under the guise of an NGO to assist women.