Humantics: The Enticement

The Story

Prequel to the Humantics Trilogy this is about the events that led up and the founding of Brain Scan Inc. 

Four executives from top companies are lured into a virtual online game where the master creator (the founder of the game) entices them with challenges. He has a personal axe to grind with all of them as they have wronged him in the past. When their real lives start to mirror the game they realize not all as it what it seems. He can access every part of their lives and has access to pieces of technology he uses to snare and sabotage them. In the game he tempts them with the possibility of millions but his goal is really to destroy them and their companies and take them over, as they are pitted against each other in a game of survival he sends them on a treasure hunt with tasks they have to complete. His aim is to kill them all.

Kira is The Seekers prodigy and nemesis, he rescued her from an abusive situation and she helps him to enact justice against those who did him wrong in the past. Beautiful, smart and ruthless she assists him to hunt them down and enact revenge. 

Kira has almost reached her goal when she becomes seduced by one of the targets she is supposed to kill. She betrays The Seeker and herself and once she starts to betray him she starts to uncover darker mysteries about his existence and some darker truths surrounding the people he has enlisted her to kill.

Written by Jill Thrussell 

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Short Film

 Mindplant!:: Written by Jill Thrussell