Rule the World

The Story

The world council has found a way to survive on three nearby planets and everyone is invited to apply to become President of those planets. Three individuals decide to run for president and are selected randomly through a lottery system and are given a planet each. They have to create their own governance system with crazy results. After a year a World Council Officials have to visit and are tasked with evaluating the worlds they have created.  Written by Jill Thrussell

Genre: Comedy.

Hector the sleazeball has formed a world and economy based on the oldest trade in the world prostitution.

Lydia the high maintenance, fashion diva is governing her world according to fashion, beauty and shopping.

Ambrose's society is governed by science and invention.

All planets are inhabited by humans and three different races of aliens species.



Short Film

Rule the World Written & Directed by Jill Thrussell (Release 2015)


 Rule the World!:: Written by Jill Thrussell