Dignity Demands A Verdict

The Story 

Dignity is a writer who is targeted by powerful companies and people who are making a lot of money out of her. She is working on her best seller manuscript and book. During this process, she is attacked by many people who try to sabotage her writing career and try to kill her. They work for big corporate entities and have all kinds of vested interests in obstructing her so she does not succeed.

An anonymous friend who befriends Dignity finds out and starts to go through the list of people who have hurt her, murdering them all. As she gets towards the end of the book, more and more of the people who have hurt her die. She does not know who he is but he kills them off one by one as she reaches the end of the book and manuscript the death count continues to grow.

When she finally comes face to face with Anonymous she finds out its Linton a character from her books that she created.

There are three stories within one story. The story of the writer Dignity and her real life, the book she is writing with the main character Linton and then within that but external to that the story where he seeks justice against those who are trying to hurt and kill his creator. Dignity created Linton and in that respect she is almost like a God to Linton who does all he can to protect her as his creator. Taking on his own persona and actions in the process he becomes not just what she created but his own person.

Written  by Jill Thrussell


“I knew I was no longer safe and there were dangers lurking in the shadows of the night that could not be understood.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Weaving and winding around the curves and grooves in its path as it embraced the riverbed and gushed over it with glee and excitement. The water inside gurgled as if all the drops within it were communicating with each other and telling each other how amazing it was to be alive.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Dignity we're coming to get you. You're worth more to us dead than alive.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Linton had no recollection of how he arrived there. Was he still human and alive, or had he been ravaged by the demons of the night? Why had he arrived in this abandoned, desolate location? What was the purpose and underlying motivation for his confused existence?” ~ Jill Thrussell