The Story

Prohuman Inc. introduces the new craze in town a system created by Ray Raskal its founder called Recreation. Where you have the choice to join one of five powerful clans, Attackers, Protectors, Enablers, Socialites of Freelancers.

Recreation offers clients a wild assortment of services providing them with the ability to join a powerful clan where they can become a hero or villain as desired. Clients can travel through a virtual realm as a personified program or virus, fighting against enemies or simply meeting other programs, making love, enemies or allies through various interactions and activities. Clients access Recreation through virtual reality headsets that interact with their neural processes enabling them to participate in seemingly lifelike scenario's.

However as the lines between reality and virtual reality become more obscure, some of the clients start to discover that not everything in Recreation is as perfect as they originally envisaged. Diving into the realms of this new found technology, they suddenly find themselves facing horrific side effects as they begin to realize exactly what their indulging and participation in this enchanting, alluring fantasy trip has induced.
Written By Jill Thrussell.


Everyone in the room fell silent. Ray Raskal's presence demanded it. Martine's mouth salivated with desire and intrigue. There he stood, electrifyingly handsome, dashing and debonair. Ray Raskal. The founder of Prohuman Inc. ~ Jill Thrussell

Martine's mind played with her thoughts back and forth for a moment. Why was she here? What was she yearning for and lacking? The deep void of unsettled desires stirred with her and rippled over her body with tingling uncertainty. Could Prohuman Inc or perhaps even Ray Raskal fulfill them? ~ Jill Thrussell

Martine was intrigued by the propensity and intricacies of activities this new artificial social life was offering. The web of possibilities could provide her with an imaginative and creative outlet to her somewhat stagnant social life. She was motivated to participate fully and explore the various types of satisfaction and pleasure it could yield. Almost overnight her social life would be transformed and would now be vibrant, full and colored with experiences and interactions that provided satisfaction and enjoyment. Excitement filled her every pore and caused her body to tingle in anticipation. ~ Jill Thrussell

There had been casualties along the route to survival but Prohuman had survived and that was the paramount objective. Everything else including client life's was subservient to this agenda from Ray Raskal's perspective. Prohuman lived and breathed and he would continue to sacrifice whatever was required to ensure Prohuman fulfilled its potential and grew into the corporate dominating force he'd envisaged it would be at the time of its inception. ~ Jill Thrussell

Ray Raskal had silenced the voices and existence of those who could obstruct and oppose him. Those who could slaughter Prohuman and all he'd achieved. Those who threatened his very own existence and freedom. Prohuman had survived the carnage of his mistakes, failures and the deadly implications his errors had caused.  ~ Jill Thrussell

The temptation was almost overpowering as she desired to once more embody her own persona. The youthful, vibrant female she had been not this decaying, aging carcass she'd become. She had to make a choice should she succumb and enjoy the artificial manifestation of the reality she had been living in and escape this torturous body she now resided in or continue to face and exist in the reality she'd become. Vanity urged her to escape if only for a moment, though the price of doing so she knew only too well would be the acceleration of the aging process.  The lure of the escape to the reality beyond this painful reality she now inhabited. The reality of what once was which still should be, versus the reality of what now was. She yearned to exist as she should, before she'd embarked on this technology craze and jaunt with Ray Raskal's creation, she could no longer resist the urge. Now though the reality of who she was only existed inside Prohuman and to enjoy the reality she was entitled to she knew she had to access the system once more. ~ Jill Thrussell

She gasped with excitement as her senses awoke and she became invigorated, waiting with eager anticipation for the induction to finish and her first taste of the actual activities and interactions to begin.
~ Jill Thrussell

Unspoken words and glances that could possibly ignite his primal male instincts and invigorate his masculine senses. ~ Jill Thrussell

Her hair was an auburn brown, dusted with some reddish strands; reminding Martine of the leaves in the autumn that tried to cling on to the trees as the winds would howl around them and try to strip them away.
~ Jill Thrussell

Her job was boring, she had absolutely no love life and this was something new, unique and captivating.  ~ Jill Thrussell

She felt a pang of guilt for a second regarding her attraction and obvious distraction due to the presence of Ray Raskal.   ~ Jill Thrussell

Her hands started to sweat slightly as she held the headset excitedly; this was the moment of realization, the beginning of her journey into the unknown into the depths and abyss of imaginary meanderings and a world that did not actually physically exist. ~ Jill Thrussell

Our mission is to add value to human life by fulfilling our clients unsatisfied needs through leisure and recreational technologies, designed to entertain and enhance their social interactions. ~ Jill Thrussell

Whatever her reality and situation was, he knew he was willing to accept her regardless as her sexual power cast its web over him and ensnared him. ~ Jill Thrussell

He’d had a great baptism into the joys of Recreation and some of the intrigue and delights it could possibly offer. ~ Jill Thrussell

There was absolutely no way Martine’s pretty face and wholesome character could even compete or compare with this highly sexually attractive female who had claimed him as her own from the first minute she laid eyes on him. ~ Jill Thrussell

Whether the fantasy had simply been a manifestation of her deep internal desires or had actually occurred; she resigned herself to the possibility that she may never actually know the truth. ~ Jill Thrussell

Ray Raskal as the words rolled of her tongue, Martine smiled, it sounded so masculine, scandalous and snappy. ~ Jill Thrussell

Martine's senses were infused with excitement as they awoke and she gasped caught up in a moment of enthusiasm; she felt invigorated as she waited with eager anticipation for the induction to finish and her first taste of the actual activities and interactions to begin. ~ Jill Thrussell