The Story

Leah creates a unique invention that blends technology and science to provide emotional, recreational experiences to consumers called Spectrum and is a revolutionary in her field.  She has the perfect life, a bursary from one of the leading scientific institutes to enable her to complete her work and an extremely supportive fiancee called Zidane, who not only supports her work but also subsidises a lot of the overheads.  

The exploration of the various emotional landscapes Leah has created, pushes not only the boundaries of science and technology but also her relationship however as she tests Spectrum in an attempt to perfect her creation and engages in her own fantasy, adventure environment, prior to Spectrum's potential sale.  Inside the artificial world of Spectrum, Leah delights in her interactions with not only the multitude of hybrid creations she has formulated but also her encounters with some of the handsome, fictitious male guides that lead her through the various emotional planes as she quickly becomes seduced by some of her own creations.  

Her dedication to Spectrum and the financial windfall she hopes it will provide to lubricate the couple's future is not without sacrifices however and those sacrifices start to have an impact upon her relationship as her needs are met by fictitious male lovers inside Spectrum and Zidane's real needs in real life clearly aren't. 

A bidding war starts to erupt as the final sale of Spectrum looms on the horizon and Leah revels in the multitude of offers she recieves as she seeks to seal the deal which will provide the couple with a financial safety net for not only their dream wedding but also to raise their future offspring.  But Spectrum has one last farewell surprise for Leah, due to her fictitious meanderings which she soon discovers has much deeper implications and even some real life ramifications.     Written by Jill Thrussell.



Spectrum's Emotional Planes:

* The Joyful Dance

* The Sea of Sorrow

*  The Maze of Trust

* The Meadows of Surprise

* The Disgusting Dimension

* The Fearful Forest

* The Ark of Anticipation

* The Bay of Wrath


"According to the legend of forgotten storms, its said that all the lost souls that drown at sea are carried through the waves to rest in the Sea of Sorrow."  He explained.  "The Sea controls the journey you embark on here and once you start it, you have to complete it.  I have no control over the Sea of Sorrow." ~ Jill Thrussell

The pitch black, jet coal colored doors were large and heavy as they creaked and groaned when Leah pushed them open as they released an expression of tiredness and fatigue, weary from all the years they had stood upright to preserve the entrance to the majestic building they guarded. ~ Jill Thrussell

The strange, striking, voluptuous woman glanced at Leah and laughed as she threw some iron chains towards her.  Leah caught the iron chains in her hands and they immediately coiled and wrapped themselves around her arms like a snake, it was almost as if they were a living, breathing creature.  She was slightly unsure for a moment whether to embrace the strange, alien offer of friendship the iron chains offered or totally reject it, through fear of future negative ramifications which might only present themselves at a later point in time and she stepped back as she hesitated slightly. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Our battle is being waged against the puerile disgustingness of the Disgusting Dimension and we are trying to furnish it with joy, refinement and civility. Its an ongoing battle for good manners, well groomed appearance and adherence to civil etiquette every single day."  He explained. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Right does everyone have their civil etiquette handbooks, bags of joy and transformation toolkits?" He asked as he held up a pamphlet, a bright golden star and a small black velvet bag which almost overflowed with a glowing, golden substance it contained that seemed to wriggle around as he spoke.

“Squirrels always protect their nuts.“ ~ Jill Thrussell