Glitches: Adaptations Inc

The Story

Jilted by his lover and boss on the same day, Genesis is on the brink of despair and on the edge of a complete breakdown when he is suddenly salvaged from the dumpster of heartbreak by a total stranger.  Salvation very surprisingly, comes along in the form of a unique job opportunity as Genesis is quickly recruited to become part of a company that utilizes technology to adapt people's minds through chip implants.

Luxury, wealthy clients come to Genesis to request his services as a People Adapter and he immediately satisfies their deepest and darkest desires as he creates killers, beauty queens and anything else they aspire and desire to be.  However as Genesis rapidly becomes submerged in this very superficial world and intriguing work, a shady mysterious figure suddenly arrives on the scene that starts to haunt his existence and begins to threaten his life.  

Compromise quickly becomes his companion as Genesis not only adapts his client's minds but also begins to experiment with his own as he pushes the boundaries of his own moral beliefs and starts to get lost in the depths of his own infinite desires.  Suddenly an unexpected meeting with a female stranger however, starts to challenge the compromises he has made, everything he has begun to place trust in and who he has changed his mind to become.
Written By Jill Thrussell.

That which saves us can also destroy us...

Glitches Series:

The Glitches Series explores the possible facilitation of technology and things that can potentially go wrong when technology behaves in unexpected manner due to Glitches, it also includes an underlying exploration of how human beings control and interact with that technology when 'the end justifies the means' approach is applied to technological developments and their implementation and examines how that can result in both negative and positive outcomes.




A torrent of confusion rapidly began to flood through the passageways of his mind as his emotions were immediately thrown into a whirlpool of upset as Genesis simply stood completely still and just froze. ~ Jill Thrussell

She placed her hand gently upon his as his heart continued to sink to the very soles of his feet as if it was a rock sinking to the bottom of a very murky deep, dark lake as waves of hopelessness suddenly washed over him.~ Jill Thrussell

Cherise muttered quietly.  “We’d be living a lie, you'd be chaining a heart to you that was bound by duty only that would never truly be yours.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Forgive me and forget me Genesis and as your heart heals, I promise you one day, you'll smile again.”  She urged softly as she gently attempted to reassure him that his life was not actually over, due to her departure from it. ~ Jill Thrussell

The very sparse sprinkling of kind words meant very little to his torn apart, broken heart and as soon as each slightly kinder word penetrated his heart and comforted him slightly, the disturbance of her heartbreaking rejection would then vigorously shake him once more as nagging realities immediately chased any comfort away and stripped him of any peace. ~ Jill Thrussell

Strangely, it was almost as if a storm had actually passed through the office block, ravaged the building and completely obliterated the usual comradery that he was accustomed to being greeted with every working day and that really worried him. ~ Jill Thrussell

High maintenance was Cherise and Cherise was high maintenance and there was absolutely no denying that as the two ran along the racetrack of life together, very harmoniously, hand in hand. ~ Jill Thrussell

Running a bar really wasn't just about serving food and alcohol to customers, Letty quietly deliberated, sometimes you had to provide them with glasses of encouragement and plates of hope and sometimes, you even had to help to repair the hurt that lay inside their hearts from the missiles of destruction that people and life had thrown at them. ~ Jill Thrussell

Life would definitely continue and life would definitely continue without Cherise, who had stepped off his ship and jumped onto someone else's ship, another ship that she'd always kept a foot inside all along, even without his knowledge. ~ Jill Thrussell

For some inexplicable reason, his body almost felt as if it actually had a restless horse inside it that chomped away at a bit in its mouth and scratched the ground with its hooves impatiently as it waited, eager to gallop away into the distance and progress upon a new journey of life. ~ Jill Thrussell

Cherise had very rapidly flown out of his life upon a plane of betrayal, very firmly seated upon the wings of wrong and inside the arms of a mysterious rival, a male rival that Genesis had never even set eyes upon or ever had a chance to meet. ~ Jill Thrussell

Now all that really remained for Genesis was the emptiness of the unrequited love that dwelt inside a heart that had been shunned, spurned and ripped out from the ribcage of stability which had once protected its very existence and tenderly nurtured it. ~ Jill Thrussell

The very sour, bitter aftertaste of her departure Genesis now had to taste every day and the huge lump of rejection that she'd left behind was now an obstacle that refused to depart and it often grated against his throat, no matter how many times Genesis tried to drink more alcohol to drown his sorrows and wash it away.~ Jill Thrussell

Playtime in the school playground of life it seemed was indeed definitely over for Genesis as now he would very much be situated inside the world of grownups, where every single thing he did would have a huge rippling affect and extremely serious impact on other people. ~ Jill Thrussell

A horse of opportunity had suddenly galloped into Genesis's life and now a new, exciting saddle that his new job would ultimately provide to him had waited for him to mount as that Sunday, he'd prepared for the Monday morning when he'd actually embark upon the ride of his life, extremely enthusiastically. ~ Jill Thrussell

His training sessions with Edgar, Kane and Raccoon had wet his appetite sufficiently but they had been a mild trot not a fast, wild, exhilarating, exciting gallop or even a steady, speedy canter upon the ride of life and Genesis had felt a mounting urge inside himself, to actually hold onto the reins and steer the horse by himself and not just be a spectator. ~ Jill Thrussell

The bombs of heartbreak, rejection and destruction that had been dropped upon his life that awful day could not be forgotten or ignored but now at least, there was a beautiful future that could really, actually truly be his. ~ Jill Thrussell

She suddenly demanded as she overtly expressed her concerns as unlike his father, who now seemed to be quite relaxed, she was still situated very far away from the banks of contentment and still very much aboard a boat of concern that floated down the deep rivers of worry that streamed quietly along inside her mind. ~ Jill Thrussell

Cherise had extremely expensive tastes and Genesis had quite limited means and that almost certainly meant that she would never actually marry him. ~ Jill Thrussell

Trisha shook her head in total disbelief as she silently mourned inside herself, Genesis had run the race of love and almost won, only to stumble and trip over the rock of Cherise's rejection just before he'd reached the finish line and it seemed so unfair. ~ Jill Thrussell

Her sweet natured son had been dealt a very harsh blow from the cruel hands and fingers that refused to wear the ring of commitment he'd very sincerely offered and the other runners in the race of love had simply rushed past him and one Trisha felt had even probably stolen his running partner from him as they'd gone by.~ Jill Thrussell


His attraction to Jade had rapidly become a necessity not a luxury as his every breath now seemed to depend on its fulfilment for his survival.~ Jill Thrussell

Love is like a tree that blows around in the wind and all the people in committed relationships are the leaves which are stuck to each of the branches. The leaves that fall off as the winds of change carry them through the air, they are the single people and one of those single leaves will be right for you and as that leaf flies past you, you have to reach out, catch it and then eagerly hold onto it with both hands." ~ Jill Thrussell

Singleness to Genesis was very much like a crucifix and it represented the burden of carrying an empty, lonely life upon one's shoulders that had been sapped of all the lifeblood it required to survive, much like a brown, withered leaf that lay upon the ground just waiting to die as nature, insects and time decayed, decomposed and eradicated it until there was absolutely nothing left at all.~ Jill Thrussell

The bombs of heartbreak, rejection and destruction that had been dropped on his life that awful day could not be forgotten or ignored. ~ Jill Thrussell

Cherise had extremely expensive tastes and Genesis had very limited means and that almost certainly meant that she would never actually marry him. ~ Jill Thrussell

Sometimes the people who break our hearts are really doing us a favour as they're providing the space in our lives for something else or someone else that is really meant to be there.
~ Jill Thrussell

Due to the fact that Genesis had felt slightly in awe of Cherise, he'd tiptoed around the bedroom and controlled his sexual urges as he'd placed them upon a very tight leash and ignored his internal desires. ~ Jill Thrussell

Cherise had rapidly flown out of his life on a plane of betrayal piloted by a mysterious male rival, very firmly seated upon the wings of wrong and she was quite frankly never going to land upon Genesis's runway of love ever again. ~ Jill Thrussell

She was still situated extremely far away from the banks of contentment and very firmly seated inside a boat of concern that floated gently down the deep rivers of worry that streamed quietly along the passageways inside her mind. ~ Jill Thrussell

His attraction to Jade was a luxury not a required necessity but the passion she stirred inside of him, rapidly changed her status as she quickly became the very air he needed to breath. ~ Jill Thrussell

Perhaps Genesis could pack Melinda up inside his suitcase and take her home with him when he left as that would definitely be an extremely attractive souvenir. ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis contemplated further as he considered that women were such a strange but captivating paradox to him, you wanted to love them and make them happy yet somehow, sometimes in doing so you lost them entirely, romance made absolutely no sense and no matter how he aged and matured the misty fogs of romance didn't become any clearer.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis body seeped with sorrow as he mourned; he reached into the kitchen cabinet for some painkillers as his head pounded, he wouldn't call his parents yet he decided, they'd been faithful throughout his childhood, prepared him and raised him to be a productive, hard working man, a loving, faithful partner but they hadn't prepared him for the grave of rejection his life now occupied.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Its no good Genesis. I can't give you what you seek." She explained. "We'd be living a lie. You'd have trapped a heart bound by the chains of duty, that would never truly be yours. Forgive me and forget me Genesis and as your heart heals, one day I promise you will smile again.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis had invested all his emotions into their relationship, he had no potential lover waiting in the wings just in case and now he was paying the emotional price as he spent his nights alone nursing Cherise's abrupt departure from his life.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis knew deep down that his mother disliked Cherise intensely though the unspoken words never revealed her real feelings, her gaze lined with hatred often betrayed her however and he could sense she bit her tongue and tolerated Cherise's presence due to her desire to see him in a settled relationship that she hoped would one day bear fruit in the form of a marriage.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“The weekend ended and the week was ushered in as the dawn pushed it gently into the world, Genesis made his way to work on the Monday morning eager to please as he looked forward enthusiastically to engaging with his first five clients that Caton had assigned to him at his briefing the previous Friday, throughout the day they'd spent together.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“An overwhelming urge and temptation to adapt his own mind was growing within Genesis as he sought to decorate the walls of his life once more with a feminine presence; this time however he decided in the game of love he would be smarter, he'd diversify his exposure to the risk of heartbreak by adapting and reducing his levels of faithfulness and commitment.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Unlike other people to Genesis the burden of singleness, ultimately meant carrying the crucifix of living an empty life that had been sapped and drained of all the lifeblood it required to flourish, like a withered leaf that lay on the ground just waiting to decay and decompose as nature's forces and hungry insects depleted, consumed and eroded it until it was nothing.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Very often people would argue, rationalize and debate that single life could be interesting and fulfilling but Genesis simply didn't agree, he loved having a partner, he loved being in love and he loved all the erotic, romantic and sensual pleasures that were enjoyable derivatives of such experiences and commitments.” ~ Jill Thrussell