Glitches: Adaptations Inc

The Story

Jilted by his lover and boss on the same day, Genesis is on the brink of despair and on the edge of a complete breakdown when he is salvaged from the dumpster of heartbreak by a total stranger.  Salvation very surprisingly, comes along in the form of a very unique job opportunity when Genesis is recruited to become part of Adapt Inc., his main role being to serve luxury clients as a People Adapter, an offer which he quickly accepts.  Surprisingly, Genesis rapidly discovers that Adapt Inc. offers its luxury clients the ability to become the people they've always wanted to be as long as they have the financial resources to do so and he quickly becomes submerged in the strange world of personal, people adaptations.  Through special technology chip implants, implanted into his clients brains, Genesis rapidly discovers he can provide his rich, wealthy clients with different lifestyles, physical appearances and even personality traits as the richest of the richest come to him for mind and personality adaptations.

Due to the intriguing nature of his work, Genesis quickly becomes completely absorbed into this new artificial world as he finds himself utilizing his programming capabilities to perform modifications to his clients bodies, minds and lifestyles but as he falls deeper into the depths of superficiality, he starts to question his own existence.  A shady, threatening shadow mysteriously starts to haunt his existence as Adapt Inc. suddenly starts to suffer attacks from an unknown predator as Genesis starts to compromise his own morals and begins to totally ignore his conscience as he creates killers and beauty queens for a price.

The large sums of money that Genesis is paid for this confidential work satisfies him for a while but eventually Genesis is actually tempted to make adaptations to himself which then pushes him further down the road of dissatisfaction as he rapidly starts to realize human desires can never truly, really be actually satisfied.  Just as he is about to get lost in the depths of his own infinite desires however, a woman called Samaria crosses his path and begins to challenge not only Genesis but also all the false comforts and superficial adaptations that he has begun to place trust in and started to believe in.  Written By Jill Thrussell.

Sometimes that which saves us can also destroy us...

Glitches Series:

The Glitches Series explores the possible facilitation of technology and things that can potentially go wrong when technology behaves in unexpected manner due to Glitches, it also includes an underlying exploration of how human beings control and interact with that technology when 'the end justifies the means' approach is applied to technological developments and their implementation and examines how that can result in both negative and positive outcomes.



“Genesis contemplated further as he considered that women were such a strange but captivating paradox to him, you wanted to love them and make them happy yet somehow, sometimes in doing so you lost them entirely, romance made absolutely no sense and no matter how he aged and matured the misty fogs of romance didn't become any clearer.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis body seeped with sorrow as he mourned; he reached into the kitchen cabinet for some painkillers as his head pounded, he wouldn't call his parents yet he decided, they'd been faithful throughout his childhood, prepared him and raised him to be a productive, hard working man, a loving, faithful partner but they hadn't prepared him for the grave of rejection his life now occupied.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Its no good Genesis. I can't give you what you seek." She explained. "We'd be living a lie. You'd have trapped a heart bound by the chains of duty, that would never truly be yours. Forgive me and forget me Genesis and as your heart heals, one day I promise you will smile again.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis had invested all his emotions into their relationship, he had no potential lover waiting in the wings just in case and now he was paying the emotional price as he spent his nights alone nursing Cherise's abrupt departure from his life.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“Genesis knew deep down that his mother disliked Cherise intensely though the unspoken words never revealed her real feelings, her gaze lined with hatred often betrayed her however and he could sense she bit her tongue and tolerated Cherise's presence due to her desire to see him in a settled relationship that she hoped would one day bear fruit in the form of a marriage.”  ~ Jill Thrussell

“The weekend ended and the week was ushered in as the dawn pushed it gently into the world, Genesis made his way to work on the Monday morning eager to please as he looked forward enthusiastically to engaging with his first five clients that Caton had assigned to him at his briefing the previous Friday, throughout the day they'd spent together.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“An overwhelming urge and temptation to adapt his own mind was growing within Genesis as he sought to decorate the walls of his life once more with a feminine presence; this time however he decided in the game of love he would be smarter, he'd diversify his exposure to the risk of heartbreak by adapting and reducing his levels of faithfulness and commitment.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Unlike other people to Genesis the burden of singleness, ultimately meant carrying the crucifix of living an empty life that had been sapped and drained of all the lifeblood it required to flourish, like a withered leaf that lay on the ground just waiting to decay and decompose as nature's forces and hungry insects depleted, consumed and eroded it until it was nothing.” ~ Jill Thrussell

“Very often people would argue, rationalize and debate that single life could be interesting and fulfilling but Genesis simply didn't agree, he loved having a partner, he loved being in love and he loved all the erotic, romantic and sensual pleasures that were enjoyable derivatives of such experiences and commitments.” ~ Jill Thrussell