Song Lyrics Written by Jill Thrussell


Best Mistake I Ever Made:

The things we don't say when we should,

Cost us more in life than mistakes ever could,

Everyday all I see is an empty space,

That should be filled by your face.

Smile on My Lips:

There's a smile on lips but a tear in my eye,

As I release you into the wild, I ain't gonna cry

Speak Now:

So tired of playing guessing games,

An unexplored love is what my heart contains,

Our worlds are so far apart,

But maybe we could try to make a start

Wrong Man:

Emptiness is all I have left,

At night your head's missing from my chest,

How could I treat you so unkind,

With temporary lovers I had to find.

Should Have Been Me:

I just can't fill that empty, lonely wrong,

Can't Eat, Can't Sleep, Can't Walk, Can't Talk,

>Coz now you got another man

One Hope/One Wish:

I still see your face inside my mind,
But when I turn, your no longer there I find

I want our love to be restored,

Coz without your love I'm truly poor.
Unspoken Love:
Our desires are a treacherous love affair,
With no result that can ever be fair,
We both know what the truth could do,
Break some hearts and destroy us too,
Pleasure & Pain:
In our twisted love affair,
Your addictive charm is really, so unfair,

You're my pleasure, you're my pain,
I smile and cry when I say your name,
Heartbreaker/Dump His Ass/He Ain't No Lover:
Girl he ain't your soulmate, or your lover,
He's just a pile of junk and a fake heartbreaker.


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