Chunks of Goodness Poetry Collection

Chunks of Goodness Poetry Collection

Some poems from the collection:

Hope and Sacrifice

The arms of Hope were sad and heavy as she began to cry,
But nothing could change the growing despair inside her eyes,
Not an inch of hope existed that could save the human child,
And so she had started to give up on her own essence deep down inside.

Suddenly, a spark of light entered into the hospital waiting room,
As Sacrifice rapidly started to arrive and not a moment too soon,
With a familiar friendly face, open arms and a hopeful smile,
He walked over to Hope and restored the chance of another while.

You have done all you can now Hope, Sacrifice said,
But I have come to assist you, so do not be afraid,
This child cannot be saved with only hope alone,
And a sacrifice must be given before he can return home.

Inside that hopeless waiting room, a miracle was suddenly sparked,
As Sacrifice began his work and found a replacement heart,
A donor was quickly found to save the male child's human life,
And so Hope could finally smile again as Sacrifice solved her strife.

Another chance would now be given for a young man to live,
Because Hope and Sacrifice had given him all that they could give,
In a moment filled with heartbreak and despair that day, Hope had swiftly learned,
That Sacrifice really was her true companion and truly her best friend.

Hope turned to Sacrifice and smiled as they began to depart,
And thanked him for his provision, the sacrifice of a human heart,
Without you I couldn't have saved him, Hope rapidly confessed,
Without the sacrifice that you found that young man would now be dead.

Hope, take my hand and walk with me, Sacrifice implored,
You will never be alone and your efforts won't be ignored,
Alone you cannot achieve as much and I am here for you,
Together we can move mountains and change what is true.

Poem Written by Jill Thrussell  


The Wardrobe of My Mind

On Monday I dressed in confidence with her glamour and flair,
The day was bright and wonderful as she lifted me high up in the air,
Every step throughout that day truly was a pleasure to be had,
Because she gave me the courage to be happy and not sad.

On Tuesday I wore anger with his deadly, vicious stare,
Someone had upset me and the day was a nightmare,
Every minute was very ugly because an angry cloud hung over my head,
But finally, relief came at night when I went to bed.

On Wednesday I gave forgiveness the chance to adorn my frame,
As love took my hand and guided me onto that peaceful train,
Sometimes the ride was difficult but it was worth the pain,
Because by the end of the evening, I could finally smile again.

On Thursday I picked a suit of hope and my life was not the same,
Because pleasant expectations joyfully filled and occupied my brain,
Everything around me was truly a pleasure to be heard and seen,
As I chose to fill my mind, heart and life with hopes from a dream.

On Friday I clothed myself in happiness as I prepared for the weekend,
The week had been so very long and the weekend is my best friend,
Another week will definitely start again, oh so very soon,
But this time I will prepare the wardrobe of my mind and give my thoughts a fine tune.

Poem Written by Jill Thrussell  


Goodbye is Not Forever

Goodbye is not forever, somebody once said to me,
But now it seems as if our last goodbye really was because your face I no longer see,
The tears I cry cannot express what you meant to us all,
Because one day you just departed without a final goodbye or a call,
Although my sadness cannot bring you back or give you another day,
I hope that you have found a peaceful place to rest now where you can finally stay.

Your soul departed way too soon and I really wish you could still be here,
Because your hand and smile were a comfort to me that I loved to be near,
There are things I should have said to you and things we should have done,
But the train of regrets I sit on now, really cannot be undone,
Though my life must continue now without you by my side,
A part of me left with you, from that fact I cannot hide.

Every part of me will always remember you the way that you were as we wandered through life's miles,
Because love does not just vanish from our hearts into thin air despite life's many trials,
My heart and mind still want to keep your memory alive,
Because through the rocky terrain of life, you always stood by my side,
Although there is no return ticket to your human abode,
I truly hope that you have found peace now inside your beautiful soul.

Memories of our yesterdays formed from tears of sadness are now really all that remain,
As I try to carry on with life without you and silently shoulder the pain,
Although all our tomorrows must be forgotten now because you are here no more,
One day I hope to see you again when I step through heaven's door,
Every day I think about you even though we are now physically apart,
Because you still live within me, inside my mind and heart.

Poem Written by Jill Thrussell  



Inner Wealth:

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  6. The Wardrobe of My Mind
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Problems, Conflicts and Disappointments:

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Obstacles of Life and Hurdles of the Heart:

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  2. The Blanket of Dreams and the Dagger of Reality
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  5. Flights of Companionship: Love and Friendship
  6. Deportation of Pretenders
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  9. The Equilibrium of Peace
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Life Toolkit Tools

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Life Choices and Emotional Survival Tools

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